Salumi Spuntino

Salumi Spuntino

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The curing program at North & Navy is a labour of love that is more than just the product it yields. We regard it as central to the philosophy of old world hospitality to make everything from scratch from the noodles, cheese and even the cured meat. We order the pork from local producers directly from the farms on which they are raised. This connects us to the land. We set a day aside every year to butcher and salt the pork, and this connects us to each other. The curing chamber is closely monitored to ensure that it stays within the safe range for humidity and temperature. It requires daily monitoring, even on Christmas morning! This connects us to our place of work. 

We are so excited to offer you a selection from our cellar, and we can’t think of anything that would go better with a bottle of wine than a selection of our cured meat and some of our favourite traditional varieties with DOP certification from Italy. 

Salumi Box

12” pizza box filled with the following: 

Mortadella  :  If you are like many North Americans your view of this Bologna delicacy may be a little skewed. The cheap sandwich filler of our childhood is a shameful interpretation of the classic, delicate and creamy specialty from one of Italy’s decadent food epicentre. We make ours in small batches and slice it as thin as possible, just as it was intended. 

Lonza : Lonza is thinly sliced cured pork loin. Our approach to curing this cut is to keep it simple and let the Berkshire Tamworth pork speak for itself. This cut is known for the almost 50/50 ratio of lean loin meat and creamy white fat. It is usually the first cured product that emerges from the cellar and serves as a hint of what else is to come. 

Coppa :  Sometimes referred to as “The poor man’s Prosciutto” coppa is the cured neck muscle that is typically cut in half in North American abattoirs. This means that if you want to make it in Canada you probably have to butcher the pig yourself, which we do. This cut is known for the swirls of fat that work their way through the lean neck meat. We treat ours with a smoked Paprika based spice rub and give it a touch of spice that works well with the salt.


Finocchiona : A Salami that is typical of Tuscany and, as the name suggests, is flavoured with fennel. It also includes a decent amount of pepper, Chianti wine and garlic. Another hallmark of this delicacy is the large cubes of white fat studded throughout the product. This Is one of our favourite Salumi’s and we only offer the DOP certified version imported directly from Italy. 

*ideal for 2-4 people 

Available for pickup Wednesday-Sunday 4:00-10:00. Please indicate in checkout notes when you would like your order.